Endocare Radiance contorno de ojos 15 ml


Endocare Radiance contorno de ojos 15 ml de la marca Endocare

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This is an eye cream that can be used daily to help treat, protect, and correct the skin around the eyes from aging caused by external aggressors. It is ideal for all skin types and even sensitive eyes.

The cream is formulated with EDAFENCE®, an innovative pollution-preventing and repairing technology that is patented to prevent and repair damage caused by external aggressors such as oxidizing agents, tobacco smoke, heavy metals, urban contaminants including ozone, present in both urban and rural areas, and blue light emitted by digital devices. In addition, it contains titanium dioxide, which protects against blue light, caffeine, and an anti-edema system to reduce bags and dark circles, as well as niacinamide, tranexamic acid, and antioxidants to brighten the area around the eyes and even out skin tone. The cream has a moisturizing and creamy texture with beige pigments to instantly disguise and correct the appearance of dark circles.

To use, apply a small amount in the morning with light tapping motions until fully absorbed.

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